January 19, 2021

Why AWS better than the Traditional Webhosting?

Having a website is most common for any company that is either small or medium, or large. If you own a website, you look at the proper Webhosting that helps to create, manage, maintain, and post content on the website. The hosting techniques are changing over time to time, and a few years ago, everyone used to opt for traditional web hosting as there are no other options. But now many other web hosting platforms that provide great features and services. As technology is evolving, companies are looking at cloud web hosting platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What is Traditional Web Hosting?

Traditional hosting generally comes in two forms i.e., Shared Webhosting and Dedicated Webhosting. If you look at the Shared Webhosting, clients pay for the only specific limit of the usage of resources like storage capacity and others on a server. Also, in Shared hosting, these resources are shared by many websites.

Now coming to Dedicated Webhosting, there is a dedicated server that will be allocated only for your services or resources. Generally, large companies prefer dedicated web hosting.

Depending on the various constraints and factors like security, technical aspects, performance, etc., a company can choose either shared or dedicated web hosting.

Amazon Web Services

In recent years, cloud hosting has made an impact on hosting platforms. One such cloud web hosting platform is Amazon Web Services or AWS. AWS is a virtual web hosting service provider. Due to its effectiveness, security, latest updates in technology, and user-friendly features, AWS has become popular and has become a choice for people who wants web hosting.

Now, we look at the features that make to opt for AWS over Traditional

User-friendly and Easy to Use

This is the main feature that makes users choose AWS. If there is a simple design, anyone can maintain or manage the website easily. When you look at the AWS Management Console, it doesn’t look complex to understand. One can simply securely use those resources.


AWS allows users to select their required configurations like selecting the operating system, programming language, web applications, storage capacity, and more. Also, the user can customize those configurations whenever required.

Additionally, AWS allows users to migrate from their existing applications in a simple way that cannot be provided in traditional web hosting.


If you want to increase the resources based on the demand, in traditional hosting you can’t make it. But, in AWS, the user can increase or decrease their resources with the feature of scalability.

High performance and Cost-effective

As a user can increase or decrease the required resources, the AWS is affordable when compared with traditional hosting. In AWS, there is an option to pay for what services or resources you take.

Nobody wants their website to perform slow. In traditional hosting, sometimes there may be the problem of having slow performance when you’re adjusting the website for the traffic and the AWS doesn’t have this type of error’s and provides high performance.

Apart from the above, the user can understand the resources or features well in AWS than the traditional web hosting. AWS provides services or resources based on the requirements of its users and clients. So, then why late? Chose the best web hosting platform that makes your work easier.

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