January 19, 2021

How does PPC Bidding works?

As a business firm, you need to market your products or services through various marketing strategies. One of such effective advertising strategies is Pay-Per-Click Ads. Pay-Per-Click Ads are the ads that display on the top of the organic search results in the search engines and you have to pay only when the user clicks on the ads. PPC Ads are one of the popular forms of search engine advertising that allows the advertiser to bid for ads in the search engine’s sponsored links.

These Ads are based on keywords, and when some people search for the keywords that are related to your business, then the ad will be displayed. If you start a PPC Ad campaign, you need to go through various processes right from researching the keywords to organize them as well-managed campaigns. Also, setting up the landing pages of PPC is equally important for the conversions. Do you know how these Pay-Per-Click Ads are placed? How do those bid processes work? Now let take a look into it.

For Example, if you want to target the keyword “Best Coffee Shop” and you are willing to pay around 10-30 cents for each click. After a few days, you have seen that your Ad is not visible often, but your competitor’s Ad can be seen very often. Because your PPC competitor has outbid your ad, and Google knows it gets more money when other PPC ads clicked.

So, make your attention to the budget. Also, change the bid amount to higher like say one dollar per click, and you may have a chance of getting your ad frequently. Make and follow a strategy while bidding the PPC Ads that your entire marketing budget doesn’t blow in a single campaign. And PPC Ad campaign is somewhat tricky as you cannot know what others had bid either higher or lower than your bid for similar keywords.

How to make an effective PPC Keywords List?

Keyword research in the Pay-Per-Click Ad is a time-consuming process. It is important because the entire PPC Ad campaign is based on the Keywords that make your campaign successful.

A lot of research needs to be done on keywords while starting the campaign. Make a test on thousands of keywords that drive the traffic for your website. The Keywords you select should be low-cost, long-tail, valuable, and relevant. The effective PPC keywords should be

  1. Expansive – Keywords should be useful to expand your campaigns further as PPC is an iterative process.
  2. Relevant – Get the relevant keywords that lead to higher PPC Click Through Rate (CTR), drive traffic, get potential clients, and increases revenue.

How to manage PPC Campaigns?

After the creation of the PPC Campaigns, it is crucial to manage them and monitor them regularly. Managing the PPC Campaigns makes your PPC Ad successful. Frequently update the following factors:

  • Review Costly PPC keywords – Review the expensive keywords and try to remove them if necessary.
  • Try to Add Negative keywords – Adding negative keywords in PPC Campaigns can reduce waste and improve relevancy.
  • PPC Keywords – Constantly monitor the PPC keywords and try to add that is relevant to your business from time to time.
  • Landing Pages – Update your content of the landing pages that match the search queries to boost conversions.

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