Website Hosting

After the creation of a website, it is important to run your website on the server which can be done by our team.

Types of Web hosting are available

Shared or Paid Hosting

You need to pay a fee for the space and services on the web hosting provider’s system. Depending on your services, there will be free that differs. The various services included in the Shared web hosting are CGI Access, Database support, ASP, SSL, Extra storage spaces, extra bandwidth, and more. These services are flexible and you can modify either your storage spaces or services. Shared web hosting is mainly required for small or medium businesses where they can modify the services according to their requirements.

Dedicated Web Hosting

These are not shared services and there will be Web servers that are dedicated only for your services. Dedicated web hosting is useful for large scale businesses or corporate ones. Through Dedicated hosting, you will have the choices of your own to create, modify, and run the web servers like Operating systems, hardware, etc. Large companies can also take a lease on an entire database. There will be separate administrators to maintain services opted for you.

Free hosting

Free hosting can be provided for personal websites or blogs. There will be all types of features which will be provided. Free hosting is applicable for those who don’t run any ads on their website or blogs. Free hosting is more useful for personal blogs, portfolios, personal magazines, etc.

Ready To Make an Impact?

When we create a website, it is necessary to put our website on the world wide web. To do so, you need web hosting services which will be provided by our Ultree team. The servers which we use for web hosting are deployed in state-of-the-art facilities across the globe.